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We enable you to successfully develop your working culture by eLearnings building on a simple trick: Your people must love the courses!

Learning must be fun!

  • Simple explanations, even for most complex topics – this is what enables practitioners to quickly achieve results.
  • Exercises that allow the exploration of new topics, and new skills that can be immediately applied to current projects and daily operations.


Based on 20 years of practical experience

We have been using these methods and approaches ourselves for 20 years. All tips and approaches have been developed and tested in our consulting business at oConsulting

oConsulting has been training improvement experts, internal trainers and professionals for 20 years. We are not only well versed in Lean Six Sigma methods, work instructions/ SOPs, production systems and the regulated environment. We are also enthusiastic trainers! That's why our courses are so good. 


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From your contents we make interactive eLearnings with exciting case studies and challenging quizzes.


We will generate all content in your company branding, using your standards, integrating your work instructions, and allowing for many different languages.

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We are based in Hamburg and in Kaunas.

Katharina Kübrich
"Find a way to make it better for each specific client" 

Žilvinas Freigofas
"Every minute of our eLearnings must be focused on the WHY"

Katarina Hachmöller
"Bridge real shopfloor to eLearning and add a big dose of fun"

O’Peep is the famous trainer in our eLearnings.

"I am the presenter and, man, don’t I look handsome?"

Rainer Tay
"One more feature is always possible"

Margita Bruzgo
"You will love this cute animation"                


Paulius Bakutis
"Let’s go live right now! Let's do it!"         



  • Operational Excellence
  • Work instructions, eSOPs – electronic SOPs
  • Process Validations
  • Applied statistics
  • Quality Control, Production, Process Development
  • GMP, GDP, GXP for the Pharma and Medical Devices Industry
  • Purpose communication “Explaining why”

Our hands-on eLearnings are very interactive, proven to enable practitioners to improve work practice right away.