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Enjoy our OEE course which takes about 60min. Understand OEE and learn to set it up for your equipment, and to calculate it. This is our most popular module. We have been consulting on this topic for 20 years.

Is this course for you?
Yes, if you …

  • are working on output increase or improvements in productivity
  • are considering investment into equipment to increase capacity
  • manage shifts, and efficiency
  • improve maintenance effectiveness

You will learn in this course:

  • Fields of application for OEE
  • What shows us the OEE?
  • Calculate OEE
  • Which factors to tackle and how?
  • Shortcuts to quickly calculate OEE and cross check data
  • When to work with OEE 1 and when to work with OEE 2?

Value & Price

With our eLearning courses everybody in your organization will use the same vocabulary, and work according the same standards. People's understanding and way of working will be on a new level after this training.

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We offer licences of our courses for companies. We can change our courses according to your company brand and to different languages.

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