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This course tackles two topics: variation, and common and special cause. A highlight is learning why reacting to variation can sometimes make processes worse. And get the basics of Control Charts! 

Is this course for you?
Yes, if you are …

  • Managing or optimizing processes based on numbers, data, and facts  
  • Investigating deviations
  • Validating processes
  • Mastering the basics of process management 
  • Seeking a sound foundation for Statistical Process Control (SPC) or Continuous Process Verification (CPV)  

In this course you will:

  • Get a feeling for variation and understand why it matters
  • Get fit in differentiating common causes and special causes of variation, including just building on common sense
  • Learn about appropriate reaction strategies for common cause and special cause variation
  • Understand Process Stability
  • Learn why a stable process might be a poor process
  • Get to know the basics of Control Charts
  • Have fun!

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