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This course enables you to successfully work with DMAIC. You will understand DMAIC’s smart principles exercising with exciting examples. Your repertoire of working systematically with the right tools will expand.

The right course for you?
Yes, if you…

  • Want to develop your repertoire for process improvement and problem solving
  • Work on process improvement projects
  • Want to get to know about DMAIC
  • Are investigating systematic deviations and want to work on improvement measures
  • Are interested in working more systematically and in using methods 

You will in this course

  • Learn about the DMAIC stages and tools to be used, investigate a problem, and improve a process
  • Apply DMAIC – to your favorite problem!
  • Get to know typical tools from the DMAIC toolbox

Value & Price

With our eLearning courses everybody in your organization will use the same vocabulary, and work according the same standards. People's understanding and way of working will be on a new level after this training.

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