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A good understanding of numbers is the first step. Statistics is a means to an end – and a very powerful one at that! 

In this course you will learn a lot about the basic analysis and presentation of data - the basis for many tools such as process analysis, process capability, process validation, and systematic experimentation (design of experiments). Our taster course explains how to distinguish between continuous and discrete data. As always it comes with tips, tricks, and exercises.

Is this course for you? Yes, if you are … 

  • Improving processes and making decisions based on data.
  • Ready to refresh your basic knowledge of statistics and if you finally want to understand statistical basics practically. 
  • Preparing for the application of sophisticated tools (e.g., process stability and capability, design of experiments, hypothesis testing, regression, process validation).  


In this course you will:

  • Learn to distinguish continuous from discrete data. 
  • Apply tools for basic analysis of data, e.g. proportions, DPMO, DPU, pie and bar chart, Mean, Median, Mode, Trimmed Mean, standard deviation, range, variance Box Plot, Dot Plot, Histogram. 
  • Work on a case study and support o'Peep with management data in his burger kitchen.


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With our eLearning courses everybody in your organization will use the same vocabulary, and work according the same standards. People's understanding and way of working will be on a new level after this training.

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