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This course of 40 minutes trains you on different techniques of Process Mapping. In many interactive exercises you practically experience which method fits your purpose best.

Is this course for you?
Yes, if you …

  • Develop or improve processes
  • Design products with a view to production processes
  • Conduct FMEAs
  • Drive systematic problem solving

In this course you will:

  • Exercise with different techniques for process mapping
  • Learn how to use basic Process Mapping, Swimlane Diagrams, Spaghetti Diagrams, Activity Flowcharts
  • Learn how to select the appropriate process mapping technique.
  • Get practical tips & tricks from experts
  • Learn the benefit of process maps in your daily environment

Value & Price

With our eLearning courses everybody in your organization will use the same vocabulary, and work according the same standards. People's understanding and way of working will be on a new level after this training.

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