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Enjoy our course of 40 minutes on the 8 types of waste and the concept of value from customers' perspectives.

Is this course for you?
Yes, if you are …

  • In R&D developing processes or products
  • In Process Improvement
  • Responsible for bringing value to your customers
  • Entrusted with systematic Problem Solving
  • Working on efficiency or lead times.
  • A leader and responsible for productivity 

In this course you will:

  • Get practitioner tips on each step
  • Understand what exactly makes the difference:
    Is it value or waste?
  • Understand how to create value, not waste
  • Work with the 8 types of waste
  • Exercise to see value from the customer's perspective
  • Exercise to spot waste in processes

Value & Price

With our eLearning courses everybody in your organization will use the same vocabulary, and work according the same standards. People's understanding and way of working will be on a new level after this training.

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