Lead Time


You are sitting in a pub and ordering a burger? Lead time is the time from ordering your burger to receiving it. You are the customer, so you do not really care if the waiter is just picking it up ready-made in the kitchen or whether he has to go and buy tomatoes. You only care about the time you have to wait! 

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Lead Time is the time customers experience. 

Lead Time (sometimes known as Order Lead Time) is the total elapsed time from order entry to customer delivery. Lead Time does not care about the underlying processes! 

Let's understand how these metrics go together:

  • Service Level and OTIF
  • Lead Time and Throughput Time
  • Cycle Time and Takt Time
  • Capacity and Output Rate

Learn how to identify bottlenecks building on metrics.

Have fun and go with O'Peep who wants to order his favourite beverage. Of course, it's GIN!

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Learn more about how to work with and improve Lead Time in our eLearning course.

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Lead Time or Throughput Time.

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