Your apartment looks like a mess? Tidy up? Do you have to? Doesn't help anyway, because after 3 days it looks like before again...

What you need is 5S! After that, only what you really need is there. Everything has a place and the order stays by itself. 5 S also brings discipline - whether you want it or not.

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5S is a Lean tool for organizing one’s workplace with the intention of improving work efficiency and performance by demanding a clean, tidy, and perfectly organized workplace where everything has its designated place. For example, with 5S you avoid:

  • Searching for tools or searching for the next order or searching for documents
  • Errors, rejects, rework caused by messy workplaces
  • The lack of supporting material. If everything is clearly organized, it will be noticed early on what is missing
  • Unclear responsibility and accountability for required tools and auxiliary materials

The method is used to visually distinguish between normal and abnormal conditions in your workplace while at the same time providing a safe and organized work environment where everything is within reach when it is needed.
The actions that 5S prescribes are categorized into five main segments:

  1. Sort: Remove unnecessary items from the workplace.
  2. Set in Order: Make it obvious where things belong.
  3. Shine: Clean inside out, repair everything broken, missing, or damaged; Particularly during cleaning, weak points on equipment gets noticed.
  4. Standardize: Establish policies and procedures to ensure 5S.
  5. Sustain: Make success sustainable through regular activities and through audits. In particular, this includes defining responsibilities across multiple levels. 5S only works with leadership that demands discipline to make 5S become second nature.


With our online game you can experience 5S yourself. It takes 5 minutes.
Feel free to use the game for your 5S online trainings.
Have fun! And don't forget to turn on your audio!

Try out our game  


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